Coil Storage with Vertical Connection System

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Storage Tanks are commonly used in almost every industry, as its can be stored numerous material content like chemical,oil, water, gas, pulp, etc. However Materials for the tanks need to be selected carefully in order to avoid corrosion and to minimized final cost of the tanks. This could be done with choosing high quality material combined together with high mechanical properties. Currrently we develop our updated technology machine known as coil tank with vertical connection system for manufacturing stainless steel storage tanks and silos for liquids, oleochemical, and other bulk material in much more flexible size and dimension with more safety manner and resulting in much more fast and efficient time

Compared with traditional erect method

these systems defininetly would gained much more low investment cost, as using these systems, we don’t need crane to lift the elements of the tank which requires a lot of space, cost, and time to erect new stainless spiral storage tanks. Using these system, the stainless spiral storage tank can bulit safer at ground level and its reduce the potential of working risk at height level.

stainlesstank without crane and scaffolding

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